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The little island of Dominica in December was just what the doctor ordered.

I was tasked with shooting the studio where our daily yoga was held and of course it turned out to be a much more difficult task to do than to ask to do. The problem was balancing the extremely bright ambient outside the windows with the very dark environment of the room.

Although the window ambient is still a bit brighter than I'd like, this was the best I could do with the tools at hand. You're looking at room lighting from the overhead lights, windows and two off-camera flashes to fill in some of the shadows. There's one flash at camera-left aimed at the alter and there's another flash at camera-right aimed at the yoga mat. As usual, you can tell where the flashes are located by the shadow directions.
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Recently, I received flickr mail from another flickr member, Jim Goldstein who was requesting to use one of my images in an ebook he was writing about photographing "time".

I would imagine that he'd been working on this ebook for a long time, but a few weeks after I sent him the image, he sent me a link to download a copy of the finished book.

It's a good read, touching on photography basics, and then later getting into more sophisticated and complicated techniques such as light painting and star trails.

I think Jim has done an excellent job of concisely covering a variety of photographic basics, while still managing to progress through more complex techniques in a fairly short book. Being an ebook, it was nice to see a blend of traditional print layouts and photos as well as multimedia video clips.

Check out his ebook "Photographing The 4th Dimension: Time".

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Getty images is one of the largest online stock photography companies, and has millions of images which are available for license. A few years back, Getty announced a partnership with flickr where select photographers and their images would be incorporated into the Getty images collection. It is by invitation, and once invited and confirmed as a contributor, images can be submitted for review by Getty editors for inclusion in the flickr collection.

Getty editors will also seek out photographers and photos posted to flickr which they are interested in for licensing purposes, predominantly because the images match current trends or demands within the marketplace.

A few months ago, I received an invitation to join the Getty images flickr collection as a contributor and asked to submit 5 images for review for licensing. About a month later, I received another request to submit another 7 images for review and inclusion.

I'm honoured to be a Getty contributor!

All of my images available for license through Getty can be seen here.

Here are a few of my favourites:

her little man happily ever after
happy 2011 thanksgiving! sibling bonds
almost closing time happy birthday mommy dearest

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It wasn't all that long ago that Allison and Ian were engaged and getting ready to tie the knot, and soon after they actually did tie the knot. We shot their wedding, but I never got around to getting it on the blog.

Time sure flies, because they've since welcomed a baby girl into their family, and Allison asked if I'd take some newborn and family photos for them.

Personally, I enjoy people photos, and it's really cool to have had the opportunity to capture their engagement, wedding and now, baby girl.

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After having sent my 7D in to Canon Canada 5 times now, and having them tell me every single time that there is no issue with the camera, and that this is the first they've ever heard of an AF issue with some subset of 7Ds, I've decided to start tracking all of the problem threads and people who both have experienced this issue and returned a camera to Canon service anywhere in the world for it.

My camera had a very real front-focusing AF issue as evidenced by this side-by-side comparison image, using centre-point, one shot, single point AF:

I could shoot the same tree from 10 feet all day and end up with the same out of focus image.

The second body, a loaner 7D from the CPS pool produced the second image using the same lens, on a tripod, in very bright daylight. (ISO 100, f/1.2, 1/2500s).

At least in Canada, there is only one product specialist for the 7D in Mississauga it seems, so if more than one person has sent a 7D in for this problem, and probably more than once, it would suggest that Canon knows more than they are saying.

If you've had AF-related issues with your 7D and have a case to make, please sign the petition

This issue seems to affect a small number of 7Ds, so the assumption is most work absolutely fine. If yours works great, and you've never had an issue, happy shooting, but I'm mostly interested in people who have similar issues and have also sent their camera in to Canon service.

If there are enough people who report similar issues I will try and come up with a better way to organize and track this data.

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