Ella and I went for a late afternoon visit at her aunt and uncle's house yesterday. I'm always a little surprised at how much she entertains herself taking in the sights, sounds and pets that abound up there.

After supervising a pool cleaning, helping with the macaw cages, and then a quick dinner, my brother wanted to setup an off-camera flash fireplace shot.

Fascination, originally uploaded by Peri Apex.

For someone who's not used to the challenge of shooting children, this picture, probably one of only about five frames he was able to capture because Ella wouldn't sit still turned out really well.

Photos are always funny as they don't portray anything but the moment they capture. The others in this series would have been funny to see as in every one of them she's either moving, running, or trying to get away!

This was shot with an 85mm @ f2.5, the light from the fireplace is actually a flash gelled sodium vapor (reddish orange), with ambient sun coming through the windows in the background, and a 580EX II camera left.

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