Theme: Things That Make You Go Hmm

Our first theme suggestion was "things that make you go hmm". Anthony finished his entry a few days back, and I only got around to shooting mine yesterday.

Here are the two shots (click through to flickr to see the images at various sizes):


enfoto media: Things That Make You Go Hmm.

Continue reading to see what both images are, and how they were shot.

The top photo is mine, it's actually water mist coming out of a plastic spray bottle. It was lit using two flashes off-camera with grid spot lighting modifiers to limit and concentrate the path of light generated by the flashes. Because this was shot in the dining room, with the flashes set to a fairly high output, the grids limit light reaching parts of the floor, room, dining table and back walls which would otherwise be visible in the frame.

The off-camera flashes were triggered using PocketWizards which allow shutter-speeds faster than the camera's normal maximum sync speed. I was hoping to freeze the water as it came out of the spray bottle, as opposed to capturing a fluid stream of water.

Anthony's photo is an onion up close. He used his 180mm macro lens for the shot. Two flashes were employed off camera here as well. One was placed off to the right side of the onion to illuminate it but also to emphasize the surface texture. The second flash was placed behind the onion with a sheet of copy paper in between. The paper acted as a diffuser for the light. A magenta gel was placed over the background flash to colour the background.

Both flashes were triggered with cheap wireless triggers obtained from Ebay.

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