Theme: Dusk & Dawn

Our next theme suggestion courtesy of Judy was "the same object or scene shot at dawn and at dusk". Once again, Anthony finished his a while ago, and I only got around to shooting mine yesterday. It wasn't for lack of trying, there really weren't a lot of great opportunities given the time of year, and I think the resulting dusk shot demonstrates that. That, and the fact that I couldn't seem to get out of the house when the sun was coming up or going down!

Here are the two shots (click through to flickr to see the images at various sizes):

Dusk & Dawn

Dusk 'til Dawn

Continue reading to see what both images are, and how they were shot.

Top, courtesy of Adrian: The first of the pair of images is comprised of 3 captures, one as the camera would have normally exposed the photo, one 1 2/3 stops darker and one 1 2/3 stops brighter. The resulting three shots are then combined using software during post-processing to produce an image which has a greater dynamic range and captures more details in the shadows and highlights. This is a technique known as HDR. Saturation was also increased to make the sky look more dramatic and interesting. Especially like the morning mist in front of the tree line and houses. The bottom shot of the pair, well, taken a little before sunset, with the sun setting behind the camera and out of the frame. I was hoping to capture some nice golden light bathing the field and reflecting off the houses, but with the overcast cloudy skies it just didn't happen.

The bottom diptych is by Anthony. It was a matter of braving excessively sub-zero temperatures to get the shots. The poor weather of late broke for both shots and he was happy to be able to find some use for his cranky neighbour -- or at least his neighbour's house anyway. It was a race against the second hand of the clock for the dawn picture. Both the sun and overhead cloud cover moved across the scene quickly enough that only a few shots were possible in which he was able to achieve some decent lighting. The shot that he settled on is actually the first test shot of the scene from the camera. None of the other dawn captures from seconds afterwards had as much interesting light as this one did.

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