Theme: Loneliness

I suggested this theme. This time Adrian was on the ball submitting entries throughout the last little while. It was only last night that I finally got around to capturing what I had envisioned.

Here are the two shots (click through to flickr to see the images at various sizes):



Continue reading to see what both images are, and how they were shot.

My photo consists of a 2-light setup. One strobe was on either side of and behind the model at different heights. The light from each strobe was unmodified. One strobe was triggered with a wireless trigger, while the other was triggered optically by the first strobe. Rim lighting like this generally needs a stronger key light in front of the subject to provide light there, but I thought the using just rim lighting alone would create a more appropriate scene for the current theme.

Post processing included adjustments to saturation, clarity, and some split-toning modification.

Adrian's photo uses natural light only, but for greater contrast and detail 5 exposures were tone mapped to create a high-dynamic range (HDR) image. The contrast and saturation were increased during processing to bring out the sunset, as well as the colour and reflections on the construction vehicle itself.

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