Theme: Elegance

Adrian suggested this theme about a month ago and we finally got around to completing it.

Here are the two shots (click through to flickr to see the images at various sizes):


...with this ring, i thee wed...

Continue reading to see what both images are, and how they were shot.
My shoe image was a test of my new 100-400mm lens. The set up consisted of four inverted drinking glasses in the background with a fully zoomed flash gelled blue at the left of the frame; another fully zoomed, snooted flash gelled red at frame right (both at 1/4 power). Then a fully zoomed, snooted flash at frame right aimed down at shoe gelled full CTO at 1/32 power. Basically this was a three-flash set up. Because of the lens that I used, I had to have a separation of about 25 feet between the shoe and the glasses.

Adrian's picture was taken with Kelly's rings placed on top of the bottom of his upside-down aluminum MacBook Pro. Two flashes were used both with grids, camera left and camera right aimed towards the rings. Triggered wirelessly via the 7D's wireless flash control set to E-TTL with the flash on the left set to double the output of the flash on the right.
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