Theme: Long Ago.

Long ago Judy suggested the theme of "Long Ago" on our fan page. Not meaning to take the theme literally, I finally got around to making the picture I had envisioned. Adrian took his shot long ago.

Here are the two shots (click through to flickr to see the images at various sizes):

44°00.663'N, 079°48.55'W

Under The Cherry Blossom

Continue reading to see what both images are, and how they were shot.
I'd first passed this decaying train car while on a hike through Tottenham. I knew it would make a nice shot appropriate for the theme, but the lighting wasn't great at the time, and also at that time we had specific time goals for the hike (training for our hike in Peru later this year).

I finally managed to return for a proper shoot:  The sun is upper left almost at 90 degrees. I have one flash at low camera left aimed at the train interior. A polarizing filter was used on my 17-40mm zoom (at 17mm).  Ambient light was exposed down about a stop. Post processing consisted of some adjustments to local contrast, saturation, and gradient exposure adjustments on left side of the picture to camouflage some weird vignetting that appeared. The vignetting was probably a sun shadow from the rim of the polarizing filter. Shooting at 17mm with an in-front-of-lens filter can be a bit tricky.

Adrian's photo is an "existing light" portrait of a cherry blossom tree in High Park, Toronto. The cherry blossoms in High Park were donated to Toronto years ago, and have now matured quite nicely. They only bloom for a few weeks every spring, so this theme provided a good reason to get out and shoot them. A more extensive history and description of how the cherry blossoms ended up in High Park can be found in the image's caption on flickr.
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