Burtynsky Theme.

It was a very long time ago that Judy suggested our present "Burtynsky" theme. She's a fan of Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky and wanted to see what we could come up with as a tribute to his work.

It took me a while to get my butt in gear to actually realize the photo that I wanted to do for the theme and then Adrian and Kelly had a baby.

It'll be a while before he is able to get around to doing his idea of the theme.

So rather than delay this game any further, we've decided to go ahead and post my entry, Adrian will skip this theme and we'll go to the next!


My shot is angled in such a way as to avoid overhead power lines but in the process I was less than pleased with the overall composition. In any case, there are ideas of oil, mechanisation, quarries, mining, and rhythm all in a landscape-type shot. To seriously attempt a true Burtynsky-type shot, I'd need a helicopter or boom to take the picture from.
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