Photographing The 4th Dimension: Time

Recently, I received flickr mail from another flickr member, Jim Goldstein who was requesting to use one of my images in an ebook he was writing about photographing "time".

I would imagine that he'd been working on this ebook for a long time, but a few weeks after I sent him the image, he sent me a link to download a copy of the finished book.

It's a good read, touching on photography basics, and then later getting into more sophisticated and complicated techniques such as light painting and star trails.

I think Jim has done an excellent job of concisely covering a variety of photographic basics, while still managing to progress through more complex techniques in a fairly short book. Being an ebook, it was nice to see a blend of traditional print layouts and photos as well as multimedia video clips.

Check out his ebook "Photographing The 4th Dimension: Time".

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