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Announced about a month ago, Canon's new EOS 7D digital SLR hopefully represents a bit of a technological come back in the high-end digital SLR marketplace. 

Though there are a number of great camera makers out there, Nikon and Canon always seem to be the most popular and talked about brands.  Even though I'm a satisfied and happy Canon shooter, there are a number of compelling reasons to shoot Nikon today; the diversity of models, ergnomics, features, and fact that lenses from years and years ago still work on all of their bodies.

That being said, cameras are first and foremost tools in an artist's toolbox.  As long as your tools can provide a functional baseline to meet all of your creative needs, any extras are just gravy.  In this respect, even though Nikon might offer some features that Canon doesn't or vice-versa, both are capable of capturing undoubtedly high quality, high resolution images with gorgeous colour, contrast and sharpness. 

As much as I've found a new love for the creative and artistic side of photography, I've also found a new love for photographic technology!  As my brother so aptly noted, good thing I'm not into drugs, or my addictive personality and buying habits would have long since killed me. ;)

I was lucky enough to be able to pick one up this weekend, without having pre-ordered.  Vistek, Henrys, Downtown Camera all claimed they were sold out and only had units allocated to pre-order left over, with a 3-4 week ETA.

Aden Camera on the other hand, had about 10 on the shelf at both locations, and were offering a free SanDisk Extreme III 16GB compact flash card with the purchase (which is $150+).

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A few months back I got an email from an editor at Schmap noting that one of my Toronto Zoo photos had been short-listed for inclusion in the upcoming 8th version of the Toronto Schmap Guide.

Hanging Out, originally uploaded by adr!@n.

A few weeks back, I got another email confirming that the photo had been included in the guide. I'm pretty happy about this, but then, when you look at the hundreds of photos that they've included, you'll be hard pressed to even locate mine. ;)

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