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A while back, I decided it was a good idea to buy some studio style gear.  In my online travels, a brand that kept coming up over and over again was Elinchrom.  Not only for the quality and durability of their lighting products, but also the huge range of modifiers that are available, including the massive 6.3 foot Octa light.

One of Elinchrom's entry level kits is their D-Lite line, designed for digital output control in 1/10 stop increments over their 5 stop range from ~12Ws up to 200Ws (D-Lite 2s) .  The To-Go kit comes with 2 D-Lite monolights (self-contained units which require power) in either 200Ws or 400Ws versions, plus a couple of light stands, two softboxes and carrying cases.  They're designed to be portable (though require AC power) and durable but still light weight. 

In comparison to typical hotshoe strobes or flashes, which carry about a 50Ws output, monolights typically have an edge in recycling time, more granular output adjustment and maximum power output which is important when using larger modifiers...

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