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Weeks back, I was inspired to invite a bunch of the neighbourhood kids (well, and their parents) to the forest near the park one Sunday for photos. I'd thought that with a group of kids, their interest might have lasted longer if I could at least encourage at least one of them that it was fun!

As it turned out, the kids were actually way more interested in playing in the park and with the fallen leaves than having their picture taken. Aside from all of that, we still managed to have some fun, and capture some of it too.

It all starts with rock star posing:

and continues with some log ride fun:

...the rest is history!

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Lennon is a little man who will soon be 6 months old. When Karyn asked if I'd be interested in taking some pictures of him, I thought we'd get together and see how much we could do in a single session. On the agenda was Halloween, Christmas, a little mom and baby and some including Molly, their dog.

I was quickly reminded of what a moving target little ones are. ;)

For location-based shoots, I've been trying to reduce the amount of gear I travel with, while still bringing enough to be flexible. We did this shoot at her house, so I didn't know what to expect, and also couldn't depend on the weather to co-operate.

I've been mostly shooting with fixed focal-length prime lenses as the image quality, sharpness, speed and subject isolation are much better than zooms. Of course, the trade-off is that I carry a bag full of lenses with me. I used a 50mm f/1.2 for almost this entire shoot.

On the lighting side, if I'm doing a shoot by myself, I tend to only bring strobes for lighting. A couple of 580EXs and a couple of Lastolite EzyBox softboxes with lightstands are what I tend to use for location shoots, especially indoors. For this shoot, I also brought a 6'x7' collapsible Lastolite backdrop that has both a black and white surface.

While we didn't manage to get all of the sets we were hoping for, Lennon was extremely patient, and we did get a whole lot of great shots.

Maybe we'll see this little guy again in the future!

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