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It wasn't all that long ago that Allison and Ian were engaged and getting ready to tie the knot, and soon after they actually did tie the knot. We shot their wedding, but I never got around to getting it on the blog.

Time sure flies, because they've since welcomed a baby girl into their family, and Allison asked if I'd take some newborn and family photos for them.

Personally, I enjoy people photos, and it's really cool to have had the opportunity to capture their engagement, wedding and now, baby girl.

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Julie is expecting a new addition to the family in the next few weeks. She came by and we did some studio shots with her, and her son Gabe.

She was a little anxious and camera shy, but looking at these pictures, she looks great, and her red hair adds a fantastic contrast to the low-key shots and black seamless.

The lighting in these shots definitely represents an improvement over my previous low-key work. Assisted in large part by new grids for my Elinchrom reflector which help to control and direct the light. The main light is a Ranger RX through a 1 meter Deep Octa softbox.

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Some pictures from our last pet shoot. Angel is the puddy tat and Emma is the dawg:
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Remember Sylvia? Well Diane is her cousin. Remember Ken? Jeff is his cousin.

Diane and Jeff have four children who, luckily for me, gave me some good face time. They had fun with this recent shoot.



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The exceptional amount of snow that we've been having lately has me reminiscing about the great Summer and Autumn that we had this year (even though technically we're still in Autumn). Back in early Fall, Sylvia and Ken wanted a family shoot done with the seasonal leaves in the background. I kind of miss those leaves.


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