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The little island of Dominica in December was just what the doctor ordered.

I was tasked with shooting the studio where our daily yoga was held and of course it turned out to be a much more difficult task to do than to ask to do. The problem was balancing the extremely bright ambient outside the windows with the very dark environment of the room.

Although the window ambient is still a bit brighter than I'd like, this was the best I could do with the tools at hand. You're looking at room lighting from the overhead lights, windows and two off-camera flashes to fill in some of the shadows. There's one flash at camera-left aimed at the alter and there's another flash at camera-right aimed at the yoga mat. As usual, you can tell where the flashes are located by the shadow directions.
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Happy New Year everyone!

Viv and I spent the last week in December in Antigua. We stayed at the Sandals resort there and enjoyed an extremely relaxing vacation. I have to say that although the vacation was relaxing, it was less "satisfying" than our trip to the Galapagos Islands. Adventure travel is definitely more rewarding than lazing around all day. Personally, though, I need both types of vacations.

From a photographic perspective, resort travel becomes visually boring quite quickly. Beaches start looking the same -- and so do we. We show up in pictures with the same t-shirts and swimwear. Because taking unique photos at a resort becomes exceedingly difficult the more we travel, I return home with less each time.

Check out my Antigua set below.

Stay tuned for more travel photos this year. On the agenda: Turks and Caicos in May then the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, and the Amazon (God willing) in the late summer.
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